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"After several sessions of  hypnosis with Glen I felt significant changes to my life, from my reactions to previously triggering situations, to my overall confidence levels. We worked on some on-going issues I had been carrying around for so long. I'm so grateful for my experiences with Glen, he is caring and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Glen to anyone who is interested in making changes. Thank you so much Glen!"

–Diane R. (Ohio)

"I came to Glen hoping he could help me with my crippling social anxiety which made working at any job almost unbearable. Working with him I immediately felt safe and comfortable, and he was very responsive to all my needs. As I went through the program, I noticed not only my anxiety lowering at work, but other aspects in my life improved very noticeably as well, like the quality of my relationship with my partner and my self-confidence. By the end of my time with him, I ended up making new friends at work, and I even got offered a promotion. Thank you Glen for helping create a happier me."

–Amber B. (Washington)

"Doing 5PATH with Glen was so fulfilling, the method was unlike any prior hypnosis sessions I have done with other hypnotists in the past. It was not only quick, but it was also extremely effective!  I felt immediate shifts and changes after each session; some subtle, some more insightful, but the shifts were always profound. Glen was very caring and supportive through the entire process. He was professional, specific, and made me feel very comfortable through the entire process.  I had initial apprehensions about doing my sessions on-line, but now I know that hypnosis works just as well on-line as it does in person. Thank you, Glen, for such an amazing experience." 

–Sri R. (Washington)

"I was a little skeptical about the whole process of hypnosis at first. Like, how would this work and would it actually work? After working with Glen for the five sessions, I can say it did wonders for me personally. I now have more self confidence in myself and I find that I am more comfortable taking on challenging tasks than I did before.

If you feel you have an issue that you would like to address, Glen will help draw from your past experiences to identify what the root cause of that issue is, and ultimately, help you conquer it. I highly recommend you try at least one session. It will do wonders for you! Thank you Glen for everything!"

–Kyle J. (Florida)

"Just finished my 5th hypnosis session with Glen today and I feel great! He really helped me clear some stuff that was preventing me from reaching my goals. Glen is kind and careful and is constantly improving his craft. He's not one to sit back and apply a cookie-cutter approach. He tailors his sessions to help each client achieve their goals. I highly recommend Glen at Ohana Hypnosis!"

–Stephanie J. (Washington)

"Glen was very professional.  He asked the right questions and I felt like he really cared about my feelings and what I was there to accomplish.  He really helped me feel safe and heard.  I would definitely recommend Glen if you are feeling stuck."

–Lesha A. (Utah)

"I had a session with Glen to get over an issue with motivation. For some reason, I was stuck on taking the next step to uplevel my business. Because I was conflicted in so many ways, I couldn't motivate myself to invest the money I needed to invest. During my session with Glen, I arrived at some new understandings with the result that the next day, I invested the money. Now I am really excited to take things forward in 2023. Thanks Glen!"

–J.R. (UK)

"I recently had a session with Glen and immediately his warm, friendly and approachable manner put me at ease and made me feel completely safe talking about and through my issue with him. The session was both incredibly relaxing and enlightening at the same time and he guided me through, with both his questioning and support. I felt truly listened to throughout and at the end of the session felt a shift in my initial issue had already begun. I am still processing what came up for me and the change hasn't yet finished, and I am so grateful to Glen for his support, patience, kindness and obvious skill in navigating me through. I would highly recommend working with Glen if you have an issue you'd like to work through and overcome."

–Jo (UK)

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