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Ohana Hypnosis was established by Glen San Juan to provide professional, ethical, and local online hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions and hypnosis education to the community of Fargo, North Dakota and beyond. We focus on helping individuals who are feeling frustrated & defeated, focus on real life, build self-confidence, and feel understood.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide compassionate and professional hypnotherapy services that empower people to align with and achieve their greatest aspirations. We are committed to providing the best hypnosis services to our clients and are constantly staying up to date on the best and most effective hypnosis techniques in the profession. Our values are based on commitment and respect. All of our sessions are completely confidential.

Our Practice
We care about people first and foremost. We understand that you may have tried everything else before wanting to use hypnosis to help you with your issue. We respect your beliefs and treat you with respect. It is very important to us that your particular situation is addressed, and that all your concerns met. We are experienced in helping people achieve their goals.

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